World's shortest woman releases biggest book in Jaipur



Jaipur, 19 August 2013: World's shortest woman Jyoti Amge today released the biggest book measuring 30x24 feet written by a Jain Muni at a function here.


The religious book written by Jain Muni Shri Tarun Sagar titled 'Kadve Pravachan' weighs 2,000 kg.


"A very happy moment that world's shortest woman is releasing the world's biggest book," Amge, whose height is little below 25 inches, said on the occasion.


"I have become the world's daughter...Jain Muni's book is good and the people of Jaipur are nice," she said.



About 1,500 kg iron and 100 litres of colour were used by ten workers, who came from Ahmedabad and Nasik to make the book. It took them four days to complete the work.


A representative of Limca Book of Records presented a certificate of a new record to Jain Muni and Jyoti Amge.


This book has beaten Limca Book of Records' earlier citation of 25x17 feet made on July 28 last year in Ahmedabad.


A spokesperson for the author said the book was the seventh volume of the series on religion penned by the author.


"Over six lakh copies of the previous six volumes have been sold. This is the seventh volume and its smaller versions will soon be in print," the spokesperson said.


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