Who will blink first?

By Philip, Mdartha
Udupi Today Media Network


Who will blink first?



Come, let us play a game.


Cat: I am CM BSY, You are DVS, okay, okay?


Baby: No, no, you are nobody BSY and I am CM DVS.


Cat: That is what I said, you are BSY and I am DVS. I am CM..okay?


Baby: No, no, you are BSY and I am CM, I am CM, I am CM, CM DVS.


Cat: Ohffo..I am CM, I am BSY..I am CM, I am, I am, I am,  you traitor ..


Baby: No, no, no, no, I am CM, I am CM, I am CM…even if BJP high command at your grand daughter’s wedding  or not, I do not care, I am CM..okkkkkay?




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