Recipe: Strawberry cheese cake

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Savour a pure vegetarian and low fat cheese cake.



Fatless Cream Cheese 1.5 Cup
Low Calories Cream 1.5 Cup
Strawberry Caulis 1 Cup
Sugar Free 1 Tablespoon
Agar-Agar 1 Tablespoon
Low Calories Cream 1 Cup
Fresh Strawberries 28 Pieces



Soak the Agar-Agar in water and dissolve wormed Strawberry Caulis.
Mix the 1 Tbs. Sugar free in the Cream and whip until fluffy and soft pick.
Fold together above mixture and fill in to a round ring.
Pour the mixture in to the mould.
Set the Cake in the Fridge.
Whip the cream and cover the sides by Cannel with using palate knife.
Wash the Strawberries and arrange on top.
Dust with sugar free on top of the Cake.




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