Poem: The Discreet Journey (By Christopher)

By Christopher DíSouza
Udupi Today Media Network



I was walking;

With no hint of where am heading to,

But I kept on proceeding,

Through the ignorant darkness.


From the squishy mud under my feet,

I know I was in the wood’s wild maze,

I tried to feel my way through this unknown discreet,

But found nothing but empty space.



I feel a fear creep through my spine,

And how I wished this was a dream,

But I could do nothing to intervene,

So I went on listlessly, like an unknown stream.


I tripped, I fumbled through the dark,

Through a path unlaid,

But I lay fallen, not sure of my mark,

And that was when I prayed.


A new confidence surged through me,

I got up and went on, now alone;

Now an illuminated path, set free,

Towards the breaking dawn………



Henry Lobo, Mysore

 Beautiful poem, meaningful and inspirational.

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