Poem: Christmas Joy

By Mohammed Mobeen Ahmed
Udupi Today Media Network


Christmas Joy

The beam of sunrise

Hails! Christmas

Pleasantness in the air

Joy sprouting from the ground


It will still be there

When Christmas will be around

Christmas exhilarating time

Glittering lights on the Christmas tree

I am fond of the way they shine…

There will be fragrance in the air

Life stretching is gleefully, wishing,

Happy Christmas.



Christmas Tree

It is Christmas, the entire year long

Singing the Christmas song, like a humming bird.

Witness the gleeful smile appear

Signifying the arrival of Christmas time and again.

And that is the season where in

We breathe the sweet fragrance

Of Christmas, a time to relish

Sleet, rain or shine…

It is the Christmas star when you see

A Christmas tree.


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