Mangalore: Students 'photocopy' reference books to their mind



Mangalore, 25 July 2013: Many students pursuing various courses prefer taking photocopies of reference books and notes provided by teaching faculties, instead of purchasing new reference books.


On this increasing trend of obtaining photocopies among students, Ashwin D'Costa, a second year MSc in Software Technology student of St Aloysius Institute of Management and Information Technology told TOI that reference books available are heavy to carry, but the photocopies are handy to carry. "Everyday students do not like to carry heavy textbooks to college," he added.


A section of students believe that usage of photocopies helps them save time while preparing for examinations. Jovita D'Souza, who recently completed BCom, said photocopies of lessons related to academic subjects helps to score good marks in examination, adding that "If students want to learn by referring books, it consumes lot of time, as they have to read various books."



Taking photocopies of notes is the mantra of many students to save money, Junaid K, an MBA student said "I have never purchased reference or text books ever since I started pursuing my under-graduation, because if we buy reference books for all the subjects every academic year, it is an expensive proposition."


Swapnil P, a final year electronics and communication student said for every semester students have to buy different reference books and after each semester these books will become useless, so students prefer getting photocopies of reference books, which is cheaper.


Most of the students start reading when examination nearing. Students do not want to spend money for reference books, which have a short life span, says Nidhi HM. She said photocopies of notes prepared by teaching faculties helps to score good marks by learning within a short period of time. "There are so many reference books available in the market, students get confused over selecting the right book, but photocopies are precise enough to perform well in examinations," Nidhi.


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