Lose hip fat with 5 quick and easy exercises

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New Delhi, 18 July 2012: One of the hardest places to lose fat from is the hips. There are some exercises that are fast and easy that will help you shed those unwanted kilos from your hips. It is, however important to remember that a healthy diet is essential to get a perfect butt.


In addition to a healthy diet, some minor changes in your everyday life can also help. For example, take the stairs instead of the elevator and park a little further away from the door.


1. One of the easiest exercises to lose hip fat is by simply jumping on a trampoline. Begin by jumping for a two minute period.


2. By adding a short walk to your day, you will exercise the hip area and begin to attack the deposited fat cells.


3. Toning the abdominal muscles will also help lose hip fat. This can be done by performing a variety of ab exercises such as twists or crunches. Do not over do it with these. Abdominal exercises are most effective when done three times a week.


4. Squats are a great way to reduce unwanted fat on the hips. This is a simple exercise. You begin in an upright position and bend your knees, lowering your body. Then come back up. Not only will this exercise help with hip fat, but it will also tone leg muscles.


5. Cardio exercises are the best way to lose fat from the body. A complete cardio workout will speed the metabolism and burn calories. These exercises do not build muscle but they strengthen the heart and help burn calories.




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