Indian Restaurant Billed Him 79 Pounds, Tip Was 1,000

England, 15 January 2017: It must have been really good food because a customer tipped the Indian restaurant 1,000 pounds. The bill? 79 pounds.



The very generous tipper was reportedly in a party of five who dined at Indian Tree in the town of Portadown in Northern Ireland on Tuesday. The businessman wants to remain anonymous while thanking the staff for the meal and the service, a local website reported.


"It is a very simple thing to express gratitude, but this has had such a big impact. We are still in shock," said owner Luna Ekush, according to the BBC.


The meal was cooked by a chef known locally as Babu.


The tip will be divided among the staff, she said to the local newspaper, adding "Whenever he (the tipper) comes home every few months and lands at the airport, he phones to see if Babu is cooking and comes here for his first meal with his wife."


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