Health: Shreyas Talpade's Fitness Secret

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Mumbai, 24 September 2012: Come next week, Shreyas Talpade will be on the screens near your home. His upcoming movie Kamaal Dhamaal Maalamal is hitting the theatres next Friday. Shreyas, for his role in this film, has grown a stubble and looks far different from how he was seen in films like Om Shanti Om and Iqbal, the title role he is remembered for.


He is looking fitter than ever too. The actor avers, “Living in today’s polluted environment, for me, fitness is something with which we develop the power to resist it and become healthy beings, with a fit body and mind. Myemphasis is always to build stamina, strength and flexibility of the body.” Rather than build up too many muscles and look brawny, he prefers to “look and sound fit.”


About his daily diet, he says, “I eat everything. When I am not shooting I wake up around 8.30 or 9 in the morning. But if I am shooting, my sleep hours go down.” Now that he is touring cities on a promotional tour of Kamaal Dhamaal Maalamal, he says, “I have no such luxury; I have to get up early, say, 4.30-5 in the morning.” Since he works at different times of the day, his body needs to adjust to those shifts, “so I eat accordingly and sleep on time.”


Not very choosy when it comes to food, Shreyas eats “everything, be it vegetarian or non-vegetarian.” The “only artificial thing” he takes is a protein shake at times though he doesn’t advice people to take too many supplements. “I would say, workout matched with a balanced diet is the best way to remain healthy.”


He calls himself a good manager of time, adding, “I try to have my meals on time, but on exceptional days when I know that my lunch will get really late, I take a heavy breakfast.”


Shreyas loves playing cricket, table tennis and badminton. He also tries to follow an exercise regime for five days a week “but when I get stuck in shoots, I do skip it.”


He also does meditation because he knows physical fitness goes hand in hand with mental peace, he says.



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