Health: Mangoes can help fight flab, Study

Udupi Today Media Network


Melbourne, 06 June 2012: Eating few mango varieties could help you lose weight, but only if you eat the skin you normally throw away, Australian researchers have claimed. Advising that while eating the wrong variety of this fruit could have the opposite effect.


University of Queensland scientists have found the skins of the common Irwin and Nam Doc Mai varieties contain compounds that inhibit the formation of human fat cells. On contrary, the skin of the Kensington Pride mango has compounds that promote fat cell growth, according to an AAP report.



Mike Gidley said lab tests involved exposing human fat cells to extracts from the skin and flesh of three varieties. He said there was a long way to go, but the findings opened up the possibility of a supplement that could help fight obesity.


“The next stage is to identify the useful molecules in the peel that inhibited fat cell formation,” Mr. Gidley said.





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