Health: How enjoying your cake can help you stay slim

Melbourne, 03 December 2013: You’re on a diet for the nth time and you happen to spot a yummy-looking chocolate cake. What do you do? Go for it? Just walk past it? Well, if you’re the type who happen to bite into a little with loads of guilt, don’t do it. New research shows that if you feel good and enjoy your cake, you could not pile on all those pounds.



However, chocolate eaters who find themselves wracked with guilt afterwards are inclined to pile on the pounds, reported.


The study showed the way we perceive tasty treats like chocolate cake is just as important as the calorie count when it comes to expanding waistlines.


Researchers at New Zealand’s University of Canterbury, who quizzed almost 300 volunteers aged 18 to 86 on their eating habits, revealed that feeling guilty is likely to prompt us to abandon diet plans and adopt unhealthy eating habits, but considering chocolate as a reward gives us a better chance of sticking to long-term weight-loss goals.


The study was published in the journal Appetite.




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