Food: Mangaloreans fall for Mumbaiís mutton khichda

The Hindu


Mangalore, 08 August 2013: Mangaloreans had a new dish this year as part of the Ramzan food fare. Called ‘mutton khichda’, the dish appeared on the shelves of a city restaurant. Sixteen ingredients, including boneless mutton, Basmati rice, various ‘dals’ and spices go into making it.


Razia, a shopper, who tasted it said, “It’s good.” Her friend, Anisha, asked, “Where is the haleem?” She saw the khichda and said she made it at home. Haleem is made of wheat and khichda is made of rice, she said.


Mohiddeen Muttamshiriya, the chef of Danish Creek where khichda is served, said he was trained in making the dish by his ‘Ustad’, Rajendar, from Hyderabad. He has been making ‘khichda’ for 18 years.


A chef serving mutton khichada, a special food prepared for Ramzan, at a restaurant in Mangalore on Wednesday


He starts preparing for khichda at 10 in the morning. It has to be constantly stirred on low flame for three hours. A few people asked for its recipe and he gave it. “No problem. They will go and make it at home,” he said.


The dish is ready at 4 p.m. and according to Yusuf Khaleel, Managing Director of Danish Creek, it has been a “hit” and the restaurant runs out of the dish by 7 p.m. Mutton khichda is made during Muharram in Mumbai, where it is a popular dish. “It’s new in Mangalore,” he said. Though Tuesday will be the last day khichda will be made if Id is on Thursday, he said, “If there is demand, we will make it once a week”.


He said four people in the kitchen help in preparing the dish.


Mr. Khaleel said that last year the restaurant made Hyderabadi haleem for Ramzan but customers did not like it much. But mutton khichda has appealed to people.


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