Cut in salt intake reduces stroke, heart attack risk

Bengaluru, 18 February 2017: A study conducted by the George Institute for Global Health has revealed that 24% of products in the market do not have any nutrition information, and therefore do not meet the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) norms.



The study, “The Association of Knowledge and Behaviours Related to Salt with 24-h Urinary Salt Excretion in a Population from North and South India" was carried out to understand the consumption pattern of salt and understand the behaviour and knowledge of consumers. The study was done using a 24-hour urine assessment method in urban and rural areas in Delhi-NCR and Andhra Pradesh. The study revealed that 1 gram lower salt intake reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke by 4.8%. Also, 1.65 million deaths every year are attributable to salt consumption above 5 grams a day.


Salt intake was higher in men than women. An analysis of salt levels in 1,395 people has revealed that people who were aware of the dangers of high salt intake, had lower salt levels. This is in stark contrast to studies done in other parts of the world where despite being aware of the dangers of salt in diet, salt levels still remain high.


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