Avoid morning sports on empty stomach

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Cologne, 11 September 2012: Those who wake up to do early morning sports should also prepare their bodies so that the morning sweat is also effective. About 20 minutes before starting, individuals should drink a large glass of lukewarm water.


Professor Ingo Froboese from the Centre for Health Germany Sport University in Cologne also said a banana helps the body as it does not strain the body much and supplies energy.



Early morning activity can be effective in losing weight but only if carbohydrates are present. “Many believe early morning sports goes right at the local fat deposits because the sugar reserves are used overnight and the replenishment is not there,” said Froboese.


“Fats are only burned in the presence of carbohydrates. In addition, untrained beginners cannot immediately burn off their fats. The fat burning process has to built up.” Froboese added. That’s why it’s important to have enough carbohydrates in your body before you run.


The experts said you should never run on an empty stomach. Not only could the energy supply be too low but the inner organs could also become irritated through the unusual strain, which is only intensified with the lack of nourishment. Dizziness and perception disorders are also possible. That mainly happens when the fluid reserves are empty.


Froboese said it’s best to plan two to two-and-a-half hours for the morning sports and subsequent rest and breakfast.





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