10 tips for staying stylish in the rain

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Friday, 03 Auguest 2012: The sweltering summer heat has given way to the refreshing monsoon, and not a moment too soon. But if you are worried about putting your best fashion foot forward among the raindrops, here are 10 tips to help you stay stylish in the monsoon:


1) Bright colours and polka dots: Battle the grey skies with the colours of the rainbow. Yellow, poppy red, blue and green will keep you upbeat in stormy weather. And there’s something about the rain that makes you want wear polka dots.


2) Trendy rain gear: Once upon a time raincoat was a dirty word style-wise. No longer. Look out for high fashion rainwear, windcheaters and umbrellas in appealing colours and funky patterns.


3) Keep it short: Dress for comfort in shorts, capris and skirts which will allow you to splash through puddles without a second thought. Save the trousers and long skirts for next season.


4) Don’t wear white: Or any shade of pale, unless the thought of mud stains don’t bother you.


5) Plastic fantastic: Pick accessories in this made-for-rain material. Spice up your look with waterproof bags and belts.


6) It’s a shoe in: Colourful and funky flip-flops, peep-toes and ballerinas will help you navigate the rain washed streets. This is no time for high heels. And don’t splurge on pricey shoes. Stay pocket-friendly and buy the cheap and chic stuff from street side stalls. Because you’re probably going to wear them just this one season anyway.


7) Don’t lose your hair: Monsoon fashion is not only about clothes and accessories. Looking good when the heavens are opening up above you also means taking care of your hair. Hairfall is the most common problem of the season. Go for a short and stylish hair-cut that is low maintenance. To prevent frizzy locks, use a mild shampoo. A warm oil massage before you shampoo help retain lustre. Clean your scalp with a mild, medicated shampoo to beat dandruff. Supplement your diet with fruits, vegetables, milk and eggs to avoid bad hair days.


8) Best face forward: Stay clear of heavy make-up which is sure to smudge in the humidity. Choose waterproof foundation, mascara and eye liner. Swap thick kohl pencils for ultra thin ones.


9) Costume jewellery: Ditch the real stuff this season. Pick plastic bangles, bead necklaces and stone baubles.


10) Trendy water-proof watches: Leather and metal watches become dull and discoloured in the rain. There are plenty of water resistant timekeepers for you to choose from.




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