Udupi: Man shot dead by hunters mistaking for wild boar

Udupi, 16 June 2017: A man, who was mistaken for a wild boar, was shot dead by hunters in the reserve forest area in Kadthala in Kaljeddu village late Wednesday night. The police said Ravindra Naika (28), along with four others had gone to the reserve forest around 8.30 pm to cut trees illegally.



When they were chatting in the forest around 10.30 pm, two hunters (later identified as Sunder Naik and Jeethu) entered the woods. Ravindra and his companions saw them and tried to flee, thinking that they are forest guards as they had torches.


Ravindra hid in a bush under a tree. His mobile phone started blinking. The hunters saw the mobile phone light and started firing at him with a single barrel muzzle loaded rifle, presuming that it might be the eyes of a wild boar. Ravindra started screaming and the hunters fled the spot. Ravindra’s accomplices rushed him to KMC, Manipal, but he was declared brought dead. The Karkala police arrested the accused on Thursday and seized the rifle from them.


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