Moodubelle: Social Media is like double edged weapon - Fr Chetan

By Dr. Eugene DSouza
Udupi Today Media Network


Moodubelle, 21 August 2017: “Social Media is like double edged weapon”, said Fr. Chetan Lobo (OFM Cap), editor of Udupi Diocesan fortnightly ‘Uzwaad’ while delivering  an awareness lecture to the students and staff of St. Lawrence PU College, Moodubelle on Monday, 21 August 2017 at 11.30 am in the college hall. Fr. Chetan was the resource person for the social media awareness programme jointly organized by St. Lawrence PU College and Social Communication Commission of St. Lawrence Church, Moodubelle.


In his speech, Fr. Chetan Lobo traced the evolution of communication techniques culminating in the smart phone which includes all the features that have been evolved at different times. The smart phone has become an inevitable part of human life.


Addressing the students, Fr. Chetan said that it  is not the smart phone by itself that corrupts the youth as is commonly understood by people, but the user himself who misuses the instrument. He said that social media which uses the smart phone is like a double edged weapon. It can be used for positive purpose or negative purpose.



Fr. Chetan Lobo briefly gave an idea of various applications that are contained in modern smart phones and highlighted the more commonly used apps such as facebook and whatsapp. He made the students aware of the dangers that are associated with the use of facebook  such as posting pictures, messages and comments which can be  manipulated by unknown and unscrupulous people bringing shame and misery to the victims.


While speaking about whatsapp, Fr. Chetan said that though this means of social media can be used for passing messages among the members of the group, many a times this platform is being used to forward junk material which becomes irritating. For the students who want to concentrate on their studies, the beep sound in their mobile indicating the receipt of the message distracts their concentration  and harms their study.


Fr. Chetan Lobo also spoke the dangers involved in the modern fad of ‘selfies’  involving the death of many at various odd places.


Finally, Fr. Chetan Lobo spoke about  the ‘Blue Whale’ Challenge game that has been making rounds in the social media. The game devised by a Russian youth has led to the death of over 200 young people throughout the world and three Indian youths killing themselves at the last stage of the game.  Fr. Chetan appealed the students to be away from such games and use the social media responsibly and not to be addicted to any of the social media platforms and concentrate their time and energy in their studies and build a bright future for themselves and their families.


Naveen Correa, Principal of St. Lawrence PU College presided over the brief stage programme. Maxim D’Sa, member of Social Communication Commission welcomed the gathering. Eugene D’Souza, Convener of Social Communication Commission of St. Lawrence Church, Moodubelle introduced Fr. Chetan Lobo, the resource person. Victor D’Souza, member of the Social Communication Commission proposed the vote of thanks and Edward Larsen D’Souza compeered the programme. Mrs. Monica D’Souza, Coordinator of Eighteen Commissions of St. Lawrence Church, Moodubelle was present for the programme.


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