Mangaluru: AI flight diverted to Kochi due to suspected fire

Mangaluru, 25 November 2016: An Air India Express flight from Mangaluru International Airport to Dammam was diverted to Kochi, a few minutes after it took off from the airport at 6.13pm on Wednesday.


Air India Express manager Nagesh Shetty said the flight was diverted to Kochi due to a suspected fire in tail-pipe.



The aircraft had 131 passengers and nine crew members. The flight was diverted about eight minutes after its take off and could not land back at MIA due to the load. "Dammam flight needs a lot of fuel and the MIA runway cannot take that kind of weight, so it was diverted to Kochi," said Shetty.


Shetty said the flight was checked and re-fuelled at the Kochi airport. Later, it took off to Dammam at 10.06pm.


Ramanath Rao, vadodara

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