Adarsha Hospital does 1st successful brain bypass operation

By Raj Udupi
Udupi Today Media Network


Udupi, 07 May 2017: Adarsha Hospital, Udupi announced the 1st successful bypass operation in the brain done in this region. It was performed by the team of Neurosurgeons like Prof. A. Raja & Dr. Jaspreet Singh Dil along with neuroanaesthetist Dr. Sanjay Udupa.



The patient Mrs. Girija Ganiga from Kundapura presented with inabilities to speak and weakness of right half of body. On investigation, she was found to have blocks in the blood vessels of left side of the brain.


During the bypass surgery which lasted for more than 6 hours, arteries from the neck and scalp were attached to the ones inside the brain, thus bypassing the block.


Within one week after surgery, the patient started moving and speaking words and was discharged. The team had received advanced training in this technique from Finland, Europe.


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