Udupi MLA Raghupati Bhat withdraws candidature over sex CD

By Snehalatha, Udupi
Udupi Today Media Network


Udupi, 28 March 2013: BJP’s Udupi MLA K. Raghupati Bhat has announced that he shall not be contesting in the forthcoming Vidana Sabha elections. On Thursday a sex CD is widely circulated and was said to be showing the MLA in sexual act with an unidentified woman.


It is being said that, in the CD a person looking similar to Raghupati Bhat is in sexual act with a woman and this seems to have been filmed without the knowledge of the persons in it. This news was also published in the TVs on Thursday.



Embarrassed from this incident and visibly upset with this issue, the MLA has announced that he shall be withdrawing his candidature in the forthcoming Vidana Sabha elections and then also shall be retiring from the politics.


But MLA Raghupati Bhat has said that, this CD is a fake and has been filmed using his face. This is a systematic plot fired at him by his enemies to tarnish his image and end his political career, he said.


Knowing that it is impossible to defeat him in the forthcoming election, the opposition parties have prepared this CD and released it, planning to defeat him in the election, he made the direct accusations towards the opposition parties.


I am hurt from this mean act. BJP also had to face the embarrassment from me. Since this might reflect on the results of the forthcoming elections and since BJP should not lose because of me, I have decided not to contest the election, he said. I do not want to be in such politics anymore, he said.


Now the question is who prepared this CD? If the CD is a fake, then as accused by the MLA, is it prepared by Congress party? These are the mysterious questions to be answered.


But if the scenes in the CD are true, then the outsiders cannot film them. Somebody who is always with the MLA only must have done it. Then the question is whether it is right to film such personal scenes of MLA ?


Bhat on Thursday claimed that he had decided not to contest the polls due to family reasons and the CD was a conspiracy by his detractors to tarnish his image and end his political career. The CD, which was accessed by a section of Kannada news channel, reportedly contains explicit scenes.


Bhat said his image had been morphed in the CD and demanded that Chief Minister Jagadish Shettar order a high-level inquiry into the episode. Bhat said he would support and work for the BJP candidate from Udupi in the Assembly polls.


Speaking to reporters in Bangalore, BJP State president Pralhad Joshi said the party would order an internal inquiry into the veracity of the CD and take an appropriate decision. He said the development would not affect the image of the party or its poll prospects.


G K Somanath, judge of the 22nd Additional City Civil and Sessions Court in Bangalore, has issued an order restricting TV channels from telecasting the clippings. This followed an application filed in the court by Bhat, seeking an order to restrain TV channels from telecasting the contents of the CD.


Meanwhile, there were rumours that the BJP may field Shantha V Acharya, the widow of former minster V S Acharya from the Udupi seat. But, it is said that she may not agree to contest under these circumstances.


K Udayakumar Shetty, Udupi district unit president of the BJP, is another possible candidate. He was supposed to be the candidate for the byelection to the Udupi-Chikmagalur Lok Sabha seat. But, BJP State Youth Morcha president Sunil Kumar was fielded in the last moment.


Shetty may get the nod this time, though he has not expressed his intention to contest. But, his supporters say he is keen on entering the fray.


The clippings showing MLA Raghupathy Bhat in an intimate position with a woman were reportedly shot in a Mumbai hotel owned by an Udupi industrialist on February 11. The woman is said to be a call girl from Nepal.


The clippings were being secretly watched on mobile phones in the town in the last two days. The CDs containing the video were also in circulation in a few cyber cafes of the town. The CDs were reportedly sent through courier to TV channel offices in Bangalore on Thursday.


People in the coastal region were in for a shock when private channels began telecasting the news about the CD at 10.30 am.  The public became curious as most of the channels that aired the news said the videos in the CD were not worth telecasting as they were explicit sex scenes.


One particular channel showed the clippings, but most places in Udupi do not have access to that channel. Speaking to reporters, Bhat said the CD was fake. He said he was upset as the news had tarnished his image and had embarrassed his family, especially his sons.


In 2008 MLA’s wife Padmapriya went missing from home and then found dead in an apartment in Delhi under mysterious circumstance. At that time also there were accusations that she was got killed by the MLA. The case is still being investigated in the court.


BJP already had its image tarnished from the incidents such as MLA Haratalu Halappa’s attempted rape of his friend’s wife, Minister Renukacharya’s illicit relationship with a nurse, 3 ministers watching sex clips at Vidana Sabha and the rave party organized at St. Mary’s island by MLA Raghupati Bhat. Now this sex CD is another new addition.


b.madhava prabhu, manipal

 if a person drank arrack police was coming to village to arrest him with few months prison when i was young. now govt itself does arrack, wine, imported wine business. one day everything will be legal for service tax, surcharge, sales tax and any sess. he is not wrong and not crime in vatsayanas land..

Anuvas, Dubai/moodubelle

 Dear Rajesh, I do agree with you, He is not a child, And he was not on duty, He has the right to enjoy his life, he did not rape anyone,

CA Satish Shetty, Mumbai

 He may be feeling guilty. What else he can do as his wife is no more.

Haridas, Udupi

 Anything can happen in today's politics.

Umesh, Abu Dhabi

 Sad for BJP tarnishing their image like this. Is it their down fall now?

Rajesh Prabhu, Bengaluru

 As long as it is consented sex between the two adult persons, even if it the MLA in the CD, there is nothing wrong in it.

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