Udupi: Mobile Phone throwing competition

By Snehalatha, Udupi
Udupi Today Media network


Brahmavara, Udupi, 25 September 2012: If we throw away the mobile phone which has already become our integral part, will it be possible to spread awareness on its misuse and its recycling? do not know about that, but as Udupi Today saw, such an attempt was made in Gandhi Maidan at Brahmavara on Monday.


Mobile phones are being used for blackmailing and for the activities of the underworld and these also have affect on the health. If the mobile phones which are not working are thrown here and there it will also damage the environment, hence these are to be recycled. But if we ask anyone to throw it far away, no one will do that and no one will take interest to have the desired awareness.



So, for this reason Akashavani circle friends got together and converted this as a competition and also gave away cash prizes to the winners. This competition originally began in Finland during the year 2000, which was then conducted in Europe and became a popular sport in America. As per the organizers said to Udupi Today the competition held in Brahmavara on Monday is the first such competition held in India!


However, no one was ready to throw away their own mobile which is in good condition for the sake of the few thousand rupees cash prize. But the mobile phones which were at home and not working came handy here. The organizers had limited the weight of each mobile to be thrown to be maximum 200 grams. In the competition total 221 contestants threw mobile phones and displayed the strength of their arms. Women also could have participated with men, but do not know why? only one woman participated.


Finally, Chandra (65.55 meter) first, Rajendra (65.19 meter) second and Ashish (62.75 meter) won the top 3 places and won the cash prizes.


The throw was more than half of the world record!


The level of progress made by India in the field of sports has been already displayed in the recent Olympics. In the mobile throwing competition the world record is under the name Chris Hough (102.68 meter). In the competition held in Brahmavara the contestants could not even go closer to the world record. But in this competition (which is something new to our country), it is quite satisfactory that the contestants have at least thrown beyond half the distance of the world record!



Md. Hafiz Ahmed. Milon, Bangladesh

 I am Hafiz Ahmed Milon. i am in Bangladeshi man. i like very much to nokia cell phone contest. thanks

Dinesh Achary, Dubai

 What a sport Sarji

Nagaraj, Udupi

 How about garbage throwing competition in Bangalore, that should solve the garbage problem.

George Mathias, Bangalore

 If it is just throwing then it makes nuisance where it falls, unless someone picks it up and disposes it safely, because it also contains battery which can be hazardous.

Rajesh Prabhu, Bengaluru

 Incredible sport, now a days such innovative sports to be invented to motivate in doing betting things.

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