Now Tender coconut can be sold in multiplexes!

Bengaluru, 17 March 2017: The government would allow sale of tender coconuts in multiplexes and cinema theatres. A circular to this effect would be issued to all city corporations to provide licence for the sale of tender coconuts. A statement to this effect was made by Minister of State for Municipal Administration Eshwara Khandre while replying to M K Pranesh (BJP) in the Legislative Council on Thursday.



The minister, who was replying on behalf of Urban Development Minister R Roshan Baig, said the government has no objection to the sale of tender coconut water in multiplexes.


“If there is a demand, then permission can be given for sale of tender coconuts in multiplexes or cinema theatres by the jurisdictional corporation or urban local body,” Khandre said.


His reply did not make it clear whether tender coconuts as such or packaged tender coconut water sale would be allowed. Khandre, however, said there is no proposal before the government to ban sale of aerated beverages and other cool drinks in multiplexes and malls.


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