MARC and Sri Lanka IVF Centre sign MoU

By Raj Udupi
Udupi Today Media Network


Manipal, 12 January 2017: Manipal Assisted Reproduction Centre (MARC) at Kasturba Medical College and Hospital Manipal signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Apeksha IVF & Research Center, Sri Lanka for treatment and Research and Development programmes at Kasturba Hospital here on Monday.



The MoU will help Sri Lankans with fertility problems as MARC offers a wide range of treatment programs for sub-fertile couples seeking assisted conception. The specialists in MARC will train embryologists in Sri Lanka as a part of this project. The tie up would facilitate referral of patients requiring In-vitro-fertilization treatment cycle at Sri Lanka to MARC Manipal. Apart from Sri Lanka, this will also benefit patients from Maldives.


The MoU was signed by Dr Poornima Baliga B, Dean, Kasturba Medical College, Manipal University, Manipal  with Sri Lankan IVF team. Dr Pratap Kumar, Professor and Head of Manipal Assisted Reproduction Centre, (MARC)  and Dr Satish Kumar Adiga, Professor and Chief Embryologist of MARC  were nominated as the key Techinical Staff from MARC Manipal who would work jointly with Dr Champa Nelson and Mr Deepal Nelson, Apkesha IVF and Research Center, Sri Lanka for Research and Development Work in the field of IVF.


Speaking on the occasion, Dr Poornima Baliga said that “ MARC is committed to providing quality care and solution to the childless couples. We are happy to offer the proven success to patients from Srilanka and Maldives” Dr Poornima added.


MARC has expert doctors and scientists who have taken specialized training abroad and have been working with subfertility problems. The pioneering technological improvements make MARC one of the most advanced centres for the treatment of infertility in India. It has a fully equipped andrology laboratory for male sub-fertility evaluation and semen banking for short term and long term storage. Embryology laboratory with all modern facilities including micromanipulation and laser hatching is another highlight of the centre. This centre offers surrogacy facilities also.


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