Christmas cake fruit mixing ceremony in Manipal

By Alexander Chandy
Udupi Today Media Network


Manipal, 05 December 2017: The traditional dry fruit mixing ceremony for the Christmas cake was held at the new WACA building here on Thursday. Jointly done by Welcomgroup Graduate School of Hotel Administration and Fortune Inn Valley View, the fruits were mixed with liquor to be put away four a couple of weeks to soak before cakes and puddings are made in time for the festival.



The Chief Guest for the occasion was Mrs Vasanthi Pai, wife of MAHE Chancellor, Dr Ramdas M Pai also present was the Pro Chancellor, Dr H.S. Ballal, the Pro Vice Chancellor, Dr G.K. Prabhu and Registrar Dr Narayan Sabhahit. Mrs. P. Gopalakrishnan (Principal, WGSHA) and Mr. Uday Sharma (General Manager, FIVV), Chef Thiru (Vice Principal, WGSHA) welcomed the gathering.


About 150 kilograms of dry fruits were mixed with rum and whiskey.  “All kinds of dry fruits go into it, and in different proportions,” said Chef Thiru. According to the tradition, the cakes are baked with hidden charms such as a silver coin or a ring which are indicators of the good fortunes of those who find them while eating. The coin promises riches, the ring suggests marriage and the thimble hints at a saintly, perhaps single, life.


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