New Kannada music video Nin Nindhle (watch video)


Youth in Bangalore release new Kannada music video Nin Nindhle

(see link below to watch video)


While the entire DUBBING issue is still unresolved, here is a team of youngsters who claim that just by doing what they like; they are tackling the core issue behind this ruffle. We are talking about the team who has been in some news programs lately promoting their music video 'Nin Nindhle'. That's right, very similar to the title of the recent Puneeth Rajkumar starrer, Nin Nindhle is a Hip-Hop Dubstep Kannada music video. What is more interesting about this music video is that it is also an action drama with a beautiful love story in it.



This music video is the product of collaboration between Chaos Faktory, Low Rhyderz, and Vikram Sridhar. "We wanted to showcase our talents and the mainstream Kannada Media did not yet have a market for what we were doing, so we were urged to create a platform of our own" says Manju Raj, the protagonist and producer of the video along with Chaos Faktory. Manju had put forward the idea to Low Rhyderz asking if they could make a song in Kannada. Low Rhyderz, a Bangalore based band formed in 2007 is well known name in Bangalore's underground Hip-Hop scene. Performing across India with big artists like Lucky Ali and Apache Indian promoting their Debut Album 'Ride With Us', the band finally came back to their roots with their first Kannada song. Manju Raj along with his friend Chethan D'Souza, the founder of Chaos Faktory laid down the frame work for the project.


Chaos Faktory is a team of Martial Art, Parkour and Freerunning enthusiasts who are also affiliated to the World Freerunning and Parkour Federation (WFPF), had done many viral videos about their work and wanted this project to have great cinematic value while working with a very limited budget. Chaos Faktory team was formed back in 2008 at Moodubelle by few individuals who have been veteran martial artists- Chethan D’Souza, Delson D’Souza, Jason D’Souza, Dithin Shetty, Robin Martis and their friend Praveen Sathish. This team has grown over a period of time, they symbolize ‘Unity is Strength’ and their mantra is ’Fight Fear, Feel Freedom’.


Being introduced to the project by Chethan’s close friend and Sandalwood Director Anup Anthony, Cinematographer and Editor Vikram Sridhar wrote and directed the video along with Chethan. "Music Videos are always fun, especially when we have an action drama to tell in a Hip-Hop love song. It immediately required a very high cinematic treatment with immaculate framing and crazy juxtapositioning of shots. It was a very welcomed challenge" laughs Vikram who has done numerous Ads and Documentaries and is also an editor in the Kannada Film Industry. Praveen Sathish from Chaos Faktory and Anup Anthony have done associate direction for the video. Chethan and his brother Delson D’Souza, who also appears in the video in a supporting role, have more than 14 years of background in martial arts and have choreographed the action for the music video. Guiding the action team was the seasoned action-director in Kannada movies Appu Venkatesh who also appears in a cameo role.


Chethan and Delson hail from Moodubelle, Udupi and sons of Gibba D’Souza (Moodubelle Gram Panchayat member) and Ida Gibba D’Souza (Udupi Zilla Panchayat member).


"We wanted to start off a trend” say Chethan and Delson. "There are lots of very talented people around us and fearing that they do not have a market here in the Kannada Industry they migrate to other industries. We wanted to inspire them." To this Vikram adds “whether it might be issues like dubbing or the so called consistent lack of scale and quality, it clearly boils down to the reality that the market for movies of any other form of entertainment here is not as big as the ones in our neighboring states. Through such collaborations and creating new and refreshing work with very low resources, we are slowly but steadily taking our own steps in increasing the audience for media in our native language."


With the sure success of their Music Video, this ambitious and talented team surely does not miss to have their fun along the way. Surely there is more to look out for from this team in the near future.


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Delson, Moodubelle

 Thanks for watching, John :)

John, Mangalore

 Great!!!! Enjoyed a lot...Keep it up guys...

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